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Rinnai INFINITY® A-Series

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The Rinnai INFINITY A-Series are continuous flow hot water systems for residential applications. These water heaters produce endless hot water, and unlike electric cylinders, are energy efficient as they are only on when you need hot water.

Four models to choose from depending on your hot water needs (A16, A20, A24, A26*).

*Model numbers represent hot water capacity, for example the A26 produces 26 litres of hot water per minute at a 25 degree Celcius rise.


Suitable for:

External residential applications only. Mains and medium pressure systems.

Hard or acidic water will need to be treated to use this product.

They are not suitable as a spa or swimming pool heater. They are also not suitable as a gas boost for solar installations, or connection with an iHeat, as the temperature cannot be set high enough— use our HD or EF models instead.

Gas type:

Available for Natural Gas or LPG. Specify gas type at the time of purchase.

Hot Water Capacity

A16: 2.1-16 L/min

A20: 2.5-20 L/min

A24: 2.1-24 L/min

A26: 2.1-26 L/min

Input and Output

A16: Input: 16.3-124 MJ/h, output 27.4 kW

A20: Input 19.9-156 MJ/h, output 33.9 kW

A24: Input: 16.3-184 MJ/h, output 41.4 kW

A26: Input: 16.3-199 MJ/h, output 44.2 kW


A16, A20, A24, A26

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