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Gazco Skope Electric


Skope Inset fires are offered in four sizes and are designed to be built into the wall for a minimalist installation that integrates seamlessly with your interior.

Skope Outset fires allow you to create a bespoke two sided or three sided installation, for a unique focal point that provides a panoramic view of the stunning visuals.

The stylish Skope Outset Trento is available for both sizes of the Outset Skope, offering an easily installable, ‘hang on the wall’ fire that can be selected in a number of two or three sided configurations.

Every Skope fire comes with a varied selection of fuel effects that transform the fire’s look and feel. The highly realistic log selection offers a traditional wood fire aesthetic, and when positioned on the bed of clear and grey pebbles looks just like a real fire.

Alternatively, the Crystal-Ice effect fuel bed creates an ultra-contemporary vibe, particularly when paired with the blue flame setting and the many vibrant Chromalight up-lighting colour options. Whichever fuel bed you choose, the fire’s easily removable glass front allows you to quickly mix and match any of the assortment of effects you wish, for your own bespoke display.

To enquire about pricing, please contact Grant at sales@createatmosphere.nz


• No building permits required or flue required
• Heat output: 2kW
• Four Inset fire sizes: 85R, 105R, 135R & 195R
• Two Outset fire sizes: 70W & 110W
• Two Skope Outset Trento sizes, three configurations
• Choice of three flame effects
• Immersive down lighting
• A selection of 13 vivid fuel bed colours
• Customisable fuel bed
• Advanced thermostatic remote control
• Easy installation
• Adds ambiance to any room

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