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Gazco Studio 1 Slimline

The Gazco Studio 1 Slimline fire has been created to allow an easier, quicker and more cost effective installation option, whilst still retaining all the unmistakable characteristics of the Gazco Studio range.

Increasing the appeal of one of Gazco’s most innovative gas fire ranges, Zero Clearance Kits are being introduced to allow homeowners to install either the Slimline 1 or 2 fires into an opening or enclosure constructed from combustible materials. They will also allow installation into conventionally constructed walls without the need to remove plasterboard from adjacent surfaces.

Masonry installations do not require Zero Clearance Boxes and alternative frame options are available.

Slimline Zero Clearance Frame offers a unique, eye-catching and functional styling option. Cleverly designed to not only enhance the look of your fire, the frame also allows cool air to be drawn from the room and around the Zero Clearance enclosure. The air is then heated and convected back into the room, reducing the surrounding wall temperatures.

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• High Efficiency 82%
• Shallow appliance installation depth of just 155mm
• EchoFlame Black Glass Lining
• Sleek Black Glass Frame comes with Zero Clearance Box
• Convected and radiant heat system
• Convected heat system outlet
• Programmable Thermostatic remote control
• Rear exit Balanced Flue Termination
• External battery holder for ease of battery change
• Available in Natural Gas & LPG
• Optional Zero Clearance box enclosure reduces wall temperatures
• Optional mains adaptor

This fire comes standard with remote, black glass frame and zero clearance box.

Gas Type

Natural Gas, LPG

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