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Rinnai Ember 600

$4,883.00 incl. GST

Enjoy a warm welcome home with the new Rinnai Ember, the little hottie that offers the stunning glow of a wood fire, the superior warmth of a gas fire – and none of the hard work!

A small gas fire with compact dimensions suitable for both new builds and renovations, the Rinnai Ember is available in two sizes and delivers over 5 kW of heat output.

With stunning burn media options, large viewable flame area and frame choices to suit your style.

Fascia * 

Burn Media * 

Suitable for
Masonry installations and installations into a mock (false) chimney in open plan areas and living rooms.

Heating areas (up to)
– Upper North Island: 85 m² (Ember 600), 99 m² (Ember 700)
– Central and lower North Island: 74 m² (Ember 600), 87 m² (Ember 700)
– South Island: 55 m² (Ember 600), 65 m² (Ember 700)

Gas type
Available for Natural Gas or LPG, specify gas type at time of purchase.

Installation considerations
Masonry installations—chimney cavity needs to be at least 200 x 200 mm in order to fit the colinear flexi flue.

Room size—smaller rooms will heat up quickly, and due to the efficiency of the appliance, the heater will turn to a low flame setting once the set temperature has been reached.

For efficient performance Rinnai recommends installing the fire as close to the floor as possible. If the unit is installed higher up the wall the movement of air from the convection fan, depending on the room configuration, could create draughts.

General clearances around the Ember when operating
The clearances shown below, measured from the edge of the outer glass, are minium clearances unless otherwise stated. The appliance must not be installed where curtains or other combustibles (coffee tables, couches etc.) could come onto contact with it. In some cases curtains may need restraining.

The 400 mm side clearance includes side walls. The 1000 mm clearance is in front of the fire.


Rinnai Ember 600/700 Clearances

Gas Type

LPG, Natural Gas

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